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Enhancing and elevating your base energy using Bio-Scalar energy

When life gets overwhelming, it’s important to take care of ourselves. 

We all know that feeling when we’re running on empty, like all our energy is being used just to keep going. But here’s the thing – when we’re in that survival mode, our bodies don’t have the chance to heal and restore themselves like they should.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves – it’s in our DNA. At a cellular level, you are meant to be functioning at 70 to 90 millivoltage when you are healthy. With the right energy in your cells your body can perform optimally, as it was designed. Your body would then be able to restore and optimise your health. The Energy Enhancement (EE) System is activating the light at the core of the DNA. It’s like turning the lights back on, and enabling the body’s energy to heal itself. 

This intelligence, giving us life, runs through our nervous system and is embedded in our DNA. 
All we have to do is get out of the way and listen.

7 Steps to Finding Flow – Nicky Rowbotham

The Power of Scalar Waves

The Energy Enhancement (EE) System emits scalar waves which create a field effect to facilitate cell regeneration, improve circulation and immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left brain balance for optimal meditation and sleep states, giving the body the tools and energy it needs to help heal itself. The EE System does not heal you, rather it supports your body to heal itself. 

Foundational Frequency is passionate about bringing you solutions to support your energy and wellness with a 12 unit EE System installation conveniently and centrally located in Morningside, Sandton. With generator back-up power and free secure parking your sessions will be easeful and un-interrupted.

When the right energy enters your body, self-healing takes place. 

– Dr Sandra Rose Michael

The Energy Enhancement System

Bio-Scalar Energy South Africa

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