Affirmation Bangles


18k Gold Plated ‘Affirmation’ Bangle. Flexible, Waterproof & Elegant. 

Embrace positivity with our 18k Gold Plated ‘Affirmation’ Bangle, a symbol of elegance and resilience. This waterproof and versatile bangle is designed to accompany you from leisurely beach days to glamorous evenings, ensuring your daily affirmation is always with you. With a one-size-fits-all flexible design, it’s as comfortable as it is stylish. Keep your affirmation shining bright with minimal care.

Available Options: 

    • Inhale Stars, Exhale Sky
    • Just Breathe
    • I am Enough
    • I am Grateful
    • You Got This

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Inhale Stars, Exhale Sky, Just Breathe, I am Enough, I am Grateful, You Got This


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