STUPA Yoga Incense Gift Set– Natural incense Handmade in Nepal


Stupa Yoga Incense Gift Set – A JOURNEY OF SELF-LOVE
Handmade, Nepalese incense. R600 per gift set.
This gift set is inspired by the Nepalese personal purification celebration called Mha Puja, meaning “worship of self”, which is used to empower your soul. It is curated for appreciation, expression, connection and most importantly as a reminder to lovingly embrace our relationship with ourselves. It provides the user with loving tools to retreat and explore the quiet space within our souls, giving us a chance to restore our equilibrium, returning us to our natural state of peace and grace.

Eight scents of natural incense are made according to the Eight Limbs of Yoga concept.

Gift set includes:

  • 8 scents of incense, 20 sticks/scents
    1. Yama|Note: Woody (Sandalwood)
    2. Niyama | Note: Refreshing citronella
    3. Asana |Note: Woody (Cedar)
    4. Pranayama | Note: Spicy, woody
    5. Pratyahara | Note: Exotic
    6. Dharana | Note: Woody, Calm, Himalayan temple-like
    7. Dhyana | Note: Smoky, woody
    8. Samadhi | Note: Forest-like, woody
    (Burning time 80+ hours in total)
  • Handmade Clay Incense Holder (Mountain shape)
  • A delicate notebook made with local Lokta paper
  • A Lokta paper gift card
  • A set of writing paper and envelope


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